AS9102 First Article Inspection Procedure

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FAI Demo Documents

The AS9102 first article inspection procedure requires more time to perform than first piece inspection.

Suppliers in the aerospace industry are sometimes required to perform first article inspection procedure according to AS9102. The requirements are often flowed down by prime contractors to help standardize measurements and records between facilities.

We recommend the use of first piece inspection instead of FAI inspection for businesses that are not required to comply with aerospace-level requirements. Evaluate the first piece inspection report in the catalog on our founding website.

We recommend the use of aerospace-level FAI for businesses that are subject to risk management requirements according to AS9100. Curious about the requirements of AS9100? Click the next link to browse the demo quality manual in the AS9100 quality system on its dedicated website.

Lessons learned suggest there is no better method to defend a business than to be in a position of strength supported by substantial records of good practices in aerospace. Browse FAI demo documents shown below.

Additional documents are provided in the download to produce spreadsheets and perform more extensive inspections.

All downloaded documents are fully editable and re-usable on multiple computers in your business operation according to license terms and conditions.

We're on-call to facilitate your compliance project and answer your questions about the nuances of aerospace-level FAI: 719-649-4242

How to report significant digits.

Accountability Forms

Instructions included about how to complete each accountability form.

The procedure is fully editable and compliant with AS9102 and can be used on all computers in your business.

AS9102 First Article Inspection Procedure, $127

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FAI License

When performing aerospace-level FAI, we recommend purchase of the SAE sponsored FAI standard. Click the next link to open a new tab or window at SAE to learn more about First Article Inspection Procedure SAE AS9102.

Browse Demo First Article Inspection Kit with the following Username and Password: logo

The Kit contains all documents listed below.

First Article Inspection Procedure (fully compliant AS9102 procedure, instructions and compliant forms in download)

Configuration Definition Data Package (template to create data package of applicable documents)

Data List (drawing tree of document revision levels)

FAI instructions (in download)

First-Piece Inspection Report (to support the verification and validation process)

General Purpose First Article Report (for other than AS9102 activities)

AS9102 FAI Procedure Kit, $127

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FAI License

The FAI kit is included in the AS9100C Quality System kit on its dedicated website.

Our policy is to credit purchase of the FAI kit if you decide later to purchase the AS9100 kit - no time limit.

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We are a two person shop and need some help to quickly become compliant with a Customer requirement. Do you have something we can use?

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Our small business has used MIL-I-45208 for years but our local QAR just rotated to another person and he wants to change our contract to require compliance to ISO 9001. We can't afford to give an arm and a leg to get compliant with ISO and there's no time in our delivery schedule to implement all this stuff. We could renegotiate the contract but we don't want the hit to our ABVS score. We really need something that's easy to maintain and won't cost an arm-and-a-leg. Will your eQMS thing do the job?

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End of Customer questions.

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Most businesses don't have a lot of time to develop their own software and would rather find a package that is easy to manage, expand and modify.

Lessons learned suggest there are advantages to remotely accessing forms and records to demonstrate for any Customer in realtime your Company's commitment to quality.

Type-in the following address in your portable device or click the following link with your computer to begin using eQMS:

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$197 Efficient QMS web app is a simple, cost effective, cloud-based and paperless solution that simplifies document and compliance management activities for first article inspections.

User-friendly point-and-click operation.

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Records are in a database so they don't have to be transposed to a spreadsheet to analyze and there are no transposition errors.

Action items are displayed as soon as User log in and they're all displayed on the Events Calendar. Plus, eQMS sends email notifications and reminders in advance to enable Users to maintain their commitment to the schedule.

The latest revision documents are just a click away and are never caught by an Auditor because they are never out-of-date.

Documents under revision and new documents are controlled through a release process that assures the current documents are used right up to the moment that new documents are released.

Auditors love eQMS because everything they need to substantiate compliance is a point-and-click away.

Customers can log-in using a built-in Customer account that only displays QMS procedures and blank forms to protect proprietary information.

eQMS is expandable to enable access to other Company resources.

Scanned or PDF documents can be attached/embedded in forms, such as certs, receiving reports, contract modifications, drawings and more... If documents are too large to attach or embed in a record then the User can create a link to display the document.

Video training guides are the only resources needed to learn how to use the features of eQMS and they can be expanded to train other Company activities.

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Any form in the Company can be created using Form Maker and any procedure can be imported and edited using Process Maker.

First article inspection forms can be signed by responsible authorities to assure approval to proceed and prevent assumptions.

24x7 Demo Efficient QMS™

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From the Quality Manager of Electro Energy Inc:
"Efficient QMS™ helped us achieve a 99% score from our AS9100 certification audit and helped us maintain our QMS after being downsized. The Auditors from NSF-ISR remarked that our quality program was in their top ten list of best practices."

FYI: Electro Energy purchased the Eagle-Picher (EP) Colorado Springs, CO facility in Oct 2003 and transferred all personnel as assets of the sale. The QA Mgr had been with EP since March 1981 and most other personnel had as many years of experience in the business. Between 2003 and 2005 the Company became publicly traded. It took a couple of years for old management to retire then new management decided on Dec 1, 2005, to acquire an AS9100 pedigree. By July 7, 2006 the Company had its pedigree from NSF-ISR with a 99% score using Efficient QMS™ as the foundation of their quality management system. The QA Mgr knew the sale of EP to EEI would cause a paradigm-shift so he began to develop a web-based QMS in April 2004 to make the culture shock less painful, not to mention that EEI inherited over 30 years of document baggage that had to quickly become "auditable". The result of all this effort is Efficient QMS™.

Efficient QMS(tm) is a solution for companies that must protect their existing business and desire to compete for more business with Customers that want their Suppliers or Contractors to have a QMS pedigree - or operate with software-based project management tools.

We have very carefully created a browser-based working environment for management of simple or complex quality systems. We have succeeded in achieving the goal of operating a pedigree QMS without the need to hire additional personnel to maintain the QMS. In addition, eQMS Users are able to maintain a certified QMS when the business is victimized by down-sizing.

We designed Efficient QMS™ with emphasis on improving the management of Company resources and reducing the labor required to keep things up-to-date.

eQMS enables paperless management of:

Simple, low cost Efficient QMS™:

24x7 Demo Efficient QMS™

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We invented Efficient QMS™ out of self-preservation and it has saved countless hours of labor and significantly decreased "management" expenses. User's intuitively navigate eQMS because it is browser-based and because it is such a convenient tool to access QMS documents and records after password-protected login.

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Anywhere you can connect to the internet or internal server to login to eQMS is another tool to promote and manage your business.

More information about eQMS on its dedicated website or browse Efficient QMS™ demo on its website to vigorously experiment with eQMS.

We are proud Efficient QMS™ was chosen to support the quality improvement projects for the following services, businesses and agencies. Companies using eQMS have received pedigrees for ISO 9001, AS9100, AS9110 and Nadcap special processes:

Access Laser Company
Alto Aviation, MA (aircraft sound systems)
Arcadia Aerospace Industries
Testimonial: "We went through our Nadcap audit for AQS and NDT/UT and we received no NCR's. The Auditor was very complimentary of our system, which was in no small part because of eQMS."
Avionics Mounts Inc.
axept Custom Engineering (MEMS)
Canadian Solar Solutions Inc.
This manager started working for Canadian Solar Solutions shortly after setting up and operating eQMS for his previous employer, Sustainable Energy Technologies. Because of lessons learned at his old employer, he convinced new management to use eQMS to help them survive a CSA audit in six (6) weeks, which they passed.
(.net) This global Company could route all their satellite businesses through one internet-based quality management system to standardize a critical business operation.
Dynamic Paint Solutions
Dynamic Power LLC
Global Parts Inc.
Howell Instruments Inc.
K-TECHnologies Inc.
Ligi Tool and Engineering Inc.
McAllister Tool and Machine
Midstate Industrial Supply
Mohr and Associates
Nee's Machine Inc.
Nomad Aviation Inc.
Testimonial: "We passed our ISO 9001:2008 registration audit thanks to Efficient QMS...Thank you."
Quipco Al Shoumoukh, LLC
Sandia National Laboratories
Specialty Metals Corporation
Sustainable Energy Technologies
Quest Manufacturing LLC.
Testimonial: "Installing eQMS was very simple. The only issue we had with install on our server was getting the correct library for 64 bit and that was quickly cleared up."

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How will your business spell relief?

Efficient QMS™

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Here's how At-PQC™ can help you?

  1. Download editable documents for your project anytime...
  2. Tailor the editable documents to display your information...
  3. ...move-on to your next priority!

Question from about how to report significant digits:

Can you help me report significant digits related to first articles??


Thanks for your question - please see ASTM E 29 for the industry standard rounding technique, which is applicable to all scientific work regardless of its nature, especially for first article inspection procedure.

ASTM states:

"When the digit next beyond the last place to be retained is less than 5, retain unchanged the digit in the last place retained.
When the digit next beyond the last place to be retained is greater than 5, increase by 1 the digit in the last place retained.
When the digit next beyond the last place to be retained is 5 and there are no digits beyond this 5 or only zeros, increase by 1 the digit in the last place retained if it is odd, leave the digit unchanged if it is even. Increase by 1 the digit in the last place retained if there are digits beyond this 5.
The rounded value must be obtained in one step by direct rounding of the most precise value available and not in two or more successive roundings."

We cite ASTM E 29 in Company documents whenever part of the work instruction is to report significant digits for compliance to a spec with only 1, 2, 3 or 4 decimal places. If your measuring device's readout displays more decimal places than the specification then you are required to round your reading to match the number of decimal places in the specification - that's where ASTM E 29 comes in handy...

Example - 0.021" +/- 0.001"
0.0211" to 0.0214" must be rounded down to 0.021" for 2 significant digit specifications;
0.0215" to 0.0219" must be rounded up to 0.022" for 2 significant digit specifications;
(unless the last retained digit from the rounding method is even, e.g., 0.0225" is rounded down to 0.022" since the last digit retained is even, while 0.0226" is rounded up to 0.023")

Example - 0.0215" +/- 0.0015"
0.0211" to 0.0219" must be applied as observed - no rounding is possible if the measurement equipment can only read to the 4th decimal place. If the equipment is capable of reading beyond the 4th decimal place then round to the last digit retained as described herein paying particular attention to whether the retained digit is odd or even when followed by the numeral 5.

Example - 550 +/- 50
499.1 to 499.4 must be rounded down to 499
499.5 to 499.9 must be rounded up to 500
600.1 to 600.5 must be rounded down to 600
600.6 to 600.9 must be rounded up to 601

Click the next link to browse demo workmanship standard named "General Requirements" to see how the rounding method is integrated in the test lab and in production.

Hope this information helps your project.

Response from T. Gib., Mission Assurance Engineer: "Thanks a bunch Jennifer and Frank!!!"

At-PQC™ demo documents are WYSIWYG, that is, what you see in our demonstration documents is precisely what you receive in editable format. This guarantees a well-informed decision for your quality improvement project. Documents can be downloaded immediately upon completion of an online transaction or selections can be delivered by email upon receipt of your purchase order at our fax number 719-573-4205.

At-PQC™ shares a commitment and passion to continuously improve. Our most sincere desire is to make a significant and positive difference in the lives of practitioners and business leaders that are responsible for the success of their business. At-PQC™ is committed to providing the highest possible level of technical documents for the support of quality improvement projects. We believe in the unlimited potential for continuous improvement and we're prepared to support any improvement project that you can imagine - welcome to At-PQC™.

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